High speed, low latency file transfers
How fast? Lightning fast.
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A Centralised Cloud Storage Platform

The combination of our Cloud Storage and connectivity solutions allow you to securely store, process, edit and distribute your media from anywhere, at anytime.
Managed Cloud Media Storage.
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File Delivery
Move BIG media at BIG speeds.
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Content Processing. On Demand.
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Media Libraries
Search, manage and view content.
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Cloud Media Storage

Backup. Share. Archive.

Your media content is important. Let us take care of it using our highly resilient storage technology inside secure data centres.

Our cloud solution allows you to make your files instantly available to your team and clients anywhere in the world, whilst storing them in a safe and secure place.

 Access files from anywhere
Fast Distribution
 Low cost cold storage for Archives
 Only pay for what you use
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Completely Secure

Keep your valuable media content safe by replacing unreliable hard drives, old servers and physical tapes with highly-resilient cloud storage, hosted in super secure global data centres, managed in partnership with Vodafone, IBM and AWS.

Scalable & Adaptable

As your production, post production and distribution activities move and flow and your media files continue to grow, we can rapidly scale and shrink your cloud storage capacity from just 1GB to 1000’s of TBs, with no long-term contracts.

Media File Delivery

Connectivity that delivers.

Mediahhh Cloud utilises industry leading file transfer software to upload and download media files of unlimited size, at huge speeds.

Share and distribute your content with built-in encryption and acceleration over both public and private networks.

 Access large files at maximum speed
Share over public and private networks
 Collaborate with teams globally
 Only pay for what you use
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Trusted Software

Choose from powerful accelerated file transfer applications by Aspera and Signiant and benefit from access to the industry’s most trusted tools.

Tailored for You

Whether you need to upload 4K footage from a shoot, share post production assets between teams, backup in-house storage for disaster recovery, or deliver HD masters and Digital Cinema Packages around the world, we have the tools you need, available on demand.


Support for all media formats.

Upload your content to us and we take care of all processing, freeing your in-house resources for the important stuff. 

Full media support allows you to transcode all types of media formats in any resolution with ease.

 Transcode all media formats
Standards convert your content
 Bulk process large media libraries
 Pay per file or per project
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Powered by the Cloud

Our Hybrid Cloud solutions enable you to benefit from the power of hyper-scale cloud processing. All our services are fully managed and require zero technical knowledge from the User. Simply upload a file and we deliver you back your content.

Ready for Everything

By leveraging our flexible cloud-based platform and existing integrations, you never need to worry about adapting to new formats again. Just upload your original quality source files and let our cloud-based tools take care of the rest.

Media Libraries

Search. Manage. View.

Choose from our best-in-class media asset management solutions, integrated directly with your cloud storage, to create a secure online content library for all your large media files

With Mediahhh cloud, you can organise your digital assets into an easily searchable media hub, featuring rapid search and customised metadata tagging to ensure longevity of your media library.

 Secure online content library
Fully searchable via metadata tags
 View content on any device
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Reduce your Costs

Benefit from a ready-made cloud service, leveraging proven integrations and constantly improving features. By moving to a cloud-based Media Library service, companies of any size gain access to the industry-leading tools, traditionally reserved for large broadcasters and film studios.

Monetise your content

By creating an online media library, your business can better monetise your content, making it available for search and sale, anywhere in the world. Replace traditional tape libraries and slow content shipping with an intelligent, monetisable web platform, turning your cloud-stored media content into profitable digital assets.

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