Solutions For
Stadiums and venues
Connected stadiums
Install the infrastructure needed to make sure broadcasters and fans have reliable connectivity and are always connected.
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Real-Time Production
Produce your content locally over a Private LTE Network, streaming live to your audience with less than 300ms latency
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Fan Engagement
Create interactive experiences that your audience want to be part of and live events that they won’t want to miss.
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Connected Stadiums

Connectivity at stadiums and venues can be a nightmare. It can take weeks, if not months to test different solutions prior to an event to make sure that everything is working correctly.

We can help make the process a lot easier using our "Campus Network" solution. It has all the benefits of Private LTE but also includes all the other forms of connectivity available, such as Satellite and Fiber.

Using this hybrid approach, you can guarantee that you will have reliable connectivity .

Production Platforms
over connected networks

Connectivity, Everywhere.

Our ‘Campus Network’ approach to connectivity utilises Private LTE plus all other forms of connectivity and services available within network. This allows us to provide connectivity in areas known to be troublesome such as stadiums and arenas.

Real-time Production

When something’s live, it’s an experience people can be part of. Live sports in particular bring people together – same time, different place.

However, due to latency, this experience can be ruined. Suddenly, live isn't live anymore and someone else has witnessed something before you have. Whether it's a goal, or the results of a live show, it can sour the experience.

Using our technology you can make this experience even better by reducing the delay to less than 300ms - as real time as it can get.

Fan Engagement

With our near real-time streaming solution, it’s possible to offer companion content that integrates the second screen seamlessly into the first screen experience.

Imagine 360 degree live camera feeds, user selectable camera angles, real-time betting/polls and that's just the start. Let your imagination run wild and we will work with you to turn it into a reality.


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